Hamilton City Theatres Review

​Theatres are important. We want a city that is a fun place to live with a vibrant arts scene. This is where we need your help.
Council is proposing a new direction for our theatres and we want you to tell us whether we areheading the right way.


The Hamilton City Council theatres review maps out the city’s long-term needs and aims to make sure its performing arts facilities meet the standards of a modern city.
Council identified the need for a theatres review during the development of the Hamilton Arts Agenda in 2011 and during the 2012-2022 10-Year Plan process.

Theatres Review report

As part of the review process, a report was created to identify the issues facing our theatres and possible options for the future. This report was presented to the Mayor and Councillors at a Council workshop on 5 February 2013 and was then open for public feedback until 20 March 2013.
More specifically, the report addresses the following questions:
  • What is the role of council in the future management and ownership of Hamilton theatres?
  • How do we ensure our theatres help to support the development of the Hamilton performing arts sector?
  • How do we develop council owned and operated theatre venues in ways that enable the Hamilton arts community to flourish?
  • What future provision for theatre space and/or future development of current facilities in Hamilton will help meet market and community needs?
  • Are there options with community and/or commercial partnerships to help provide for theatre space in non-HCC venues?
  • How do HCC venue hire rates and additional costs compare with other theatre facilities in Hamilton and throughout the country?

Summary report (266KB)

Full report (1.91MB)

Submission summaries

The submission process encouraged open feedback on the Stafford Group report, and in
particular sought feedback on the recommended option proposed in the report (Option One).
Option One consisted of:
  • Upgrading Founders Theatre
  • Selling Clarence Street Theatre
  • Presenting an opportunity for the Meteor to be run by the community
  • A reassessment of current fees and charges.

In total, 119 submissions were received. Twelve of these submissions were from organisations in the city, primarily arts groups and the remaining majority came from individual submissions made by theatre users and audience. Very few submissions endorsed the status quo and most presented a strong desire for change.

Theatres Review submissions (2.77MB)

Where to next

Further detailed consultation will take place with those parties seeking Council consideration of alternative operating ownership models and organisations promoting alternative theatre

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