How your rates might change

The Council is currently asking for feedback on its draft 2018-28 10-Year Plan. One of the big challenges for the 10-Year Plan is that the Council is currently borrowing money to pay for some of the everyday costs of running the city.  These costs should be paid for by rates, fees and user charges but we currently have a shortfall that is being met by borrowing. This is unsustainable.

As part of the draft 10-Year Plan consultation, the Council has put forward six options that will mean it can stop borrowing for everyday costs. They include combinations of rates increases, moving to a capital value rating system faster, and introducing a Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC). The UAGC is a set amount that every ratepayer pays; it is part of your total rates calculation and is not an additional charge. 

You can read more about this and find more detail on the options in the 10-Year Plan Consultation Document. More detail is also available on the proposed changes to specific policies as part of the Rating Review. You can find this here.

Below you will see what your rates bill will be under each option. Once you search for your address, click the "valuation number" in the same line as your address to see the different rates examples.

You can have your say on any of the subjects in the consultation document from 29 March 2018 to 30 April 2018.

Click here to view the Rating Review Statement of Proposal Consultation page

Click here to make a submission on the draft 10-Year Plan Consultation Document. 

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