10-Year Plan 2018-2028

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Making the right choices for Hamilton

Every three years the Council completes a planning process that sets out priorities and budgets for the coming decade. 

The initial draft budget will be considered and debated at a Council meeting on 6 December.

You are important to this process. There will be an opportunity in March/April 2018 for​ you to have your say.

​​​​Initial draft budget documents​​​

​                                Mayor's statement​                                    10-Year Plan


​June - November 2017​

Elected members attend briefings about the city's opportunities and challenges.

These briefings provide detail about the city's assets and services being delivered to make sure elected members are well informed and can give direction to staff on how to approach the 10-Year Plan. ​

The briefings are open to the public.​

Click here for a full list of 10-Year Plan briefing documents.​

​6 ​December 2017
Council considers draft budget

​6 December: Council meeting – draft budget is presented. 

7​, 12 and 13 December: further meeting days should more time be needed.

​January - February 2018
Council staff prepares the Consultation Document that will explain the priorities the Council has, the projects it wants to prioritise and how it plans to fund the work required.  

​February - March 2018

The Consultation Document goes to Audit New Zealand. They make sure it gives the public enough information to provide informed feedback. ​

​March - April 2018
Public consultation

You will have one month to make your submission about the proposed plan for the city. 

Check back here  closer to the time for all the information you need to make a submission or sign up​ to be emailed when submissions are open. 

May 2018
Verbal submissions are heard

​The elected members will be presented with your feedback, submissions are heard in person and the Council will debate the issues. 

Sign up to be informed when​ submissions are open.​

June 2018
Budget is adopted by Council
Final revisions are made based on public feedback and further Council debate. 

All documentation and budgets are finalised. 

The Council formally adopts the 10-Year Plan on 28 June.

This is a complex process and the timings may change as we progress.​​



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