​It’s an exciting time to be part of local government and this is a great opportunity to see your community progress from your dedication. A democracy only succeeds if people who care for the community are prepared to give it a go, do their bit and have a say.

We are searching for the best people to shape our city. Our members need vision and commitment to help them make our community a better place to live.

Successful local election candidates are those that take the time to listen to their community, engage with people and go on to champion their voice as their representatives.

Public Notices

​​Notice of​ Day of Election​ (​​PDF, 150KB)​

Who's standing?​

​Click the candidates' surnames below to view their profiles.

​Issue​First Name(s)​Last Name​Affiliation
​Mayor​James RCASSON​Independent
​Mayor​AndrewKING​​Love Hamilton
 Click here for the Mayoral candidates' contact information.
​ ​ Click here for the Mayoral candidates' contact information.
​East Ward​RussellARMITAGE​Independent
​East Ward​MarkBUNTING​Independent
​East Ward​AnnaCASEY-COX​Community Voice
​East Ward​James RCASSON​Independent
​East Ward​ArshadCHATHA​​
​East Ward​Javed​​CHAUDHRY
​East Ward​Tony​DIXON​Independent
​East Ward​JackGIELEN​Independent
​East Ward​SnowyHAITANA
​East Ward​AllanHALSE​Independent
​East Ward​RyanHAMILTON​Independent
​East Ward​RogerHENNEBRY​Rates Control
​East Ward​TaniaHENNEBRY​Independent
​East Ward​JasonHOWARTH​​Independent
​East Ward​Nick​JOHNSTON​Independent
​East Ward​JohnLOCKLEY
​East Ward​Yugraj SinghMAHIL​Community Voice
​East Ward​GarryMALLETT
​East Ward​ManoMANOHARAN
​East Ward​RobPASCOE​Independent
​East Ward​TuSAVAGE
​East Ward​PaulaSOUTHGATE
​East Ward​AngelaSTRANGE
​East Ward​MichaelWEST
​East Ward​PhilipYEUNG
​  Click here for the East Ward candidates' contact informatio​n
​ ​ ​​ Click here for the East Ward candidates' contact information.
​West Ward​PeterBOS​Independent
​West Ward​MaxCOYLE​No Water Meters
​West Ward​RobertCURTIS​Independent
​West Ward​MartinGALLAGHER​Independent
​West Ward​SiggiHENRY​Independent
​West Ward​CathyHOLLAND​Independent
​West Ward​PeterHUMPHREYS​​Community Voice
​West Ward​ChrisJORDAN​​Independent
​West Ward​Pat Pirihira​KAIO​​Independent
​West Ward​Andrew​KING​Love Hamilton
​West Ward​DaveMACPHERSON​No Water Meters
​West Ward​AngelaO'LEARY​Independent
​West Ward​Boris Puran​SAMUJH
​West Ward​Geo​ffTAYLOR​Independent
​West Ward​LeoTOOMAN​Independent
​West Ward​HikiTOROA​Community Voice​
​​ Click here for the West Ward candidates' contact information.
 Click here for the West Ward candidates' contact information.

More  information can be found in the  Candidate Information Booklet.

Candidates Induction

Following the election and confirmation of elected members for the 2016/2019 Council triennium, the Council will run an extensive induction programme to bring all our Councillors up to speed. This period will involve a comprehensive orientation of all parts of the organisation and will require considerable time commitment from all elected members. The initial induction programme is scheduled to take place from Saturday 8 October to Wednesday 30 November 2016.

A detailed programme with timings will be provided to successful candidates at a later date. For those days marked with events allow a full day free in your diary.  ​

*please note dates may change at the discretion of the Council.



Council plans and reports

Read more about current Council plans 

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