Civic Awards

​​​​Outstanding things are achieved every day in Hamilton, thanks in part to the invaluable work of many dedicated members of our community. Each year the Hamilton Civic Awards aim to recognise those exceptional people in our midst.

2017 Civic Awards

Nominations are open from Friday 4 August to Friday 15 September.

The Civic Awards will be presented at a special ceremony in the Council Chamber on Friday 8 December.​

Click below to nominate a Hamiltonian for a Civic Award.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has made an exceptional contribution to Hamilton can be nominated for a Civic Award. 

Civic Awards are awarded in recognition of substantial service, usually of a voluntary nature or beyond normal employment, benefiting Hamilton and its people. 

The nominees will have generally carried out predominantly voluntary work but payment for services will not necessarily disqualify receiving an award. 

Substantial service includes short-term or long-term projects or activities that have benefited the whole of the city adding to the quality of life of residents. 

In exceptional circumstances an award may be granted to a non-resident of Hamilton, if the service has been carried out in Hamilton.​

Further information can be found through the City Honours Policy. Click Here​  

The judging process

Hamilton Civic Awards nominations are considered by the Mayor, Elected Members, and Civic and International Events Manager.​

Previous civic award winners

Freedom Holder of the City

The civic award of Freedom Holder of the City is the highest civic honour. Freedom holders are rare awards given to people who have made a significant and sustained contribution to the city.

Our current Freedom Holders of the City are:

  • Gordon Chesterman             ​(2016)
  • Kiingi Tuheitia ​                       (2016)
  • David Sidwell                         (2014)
  • Pippa Mahood                      (2013)
  • Sir William Gallagher           (2008)
  • John Gallagher                      (2008)
  • Ted Armstrong                      (2005)
  • Dame Malvina Major           (2001)​
  • Margaret Evans                     (1998)
  • Bob Eyeington                       (1993)
  •  Lady Rhyl Jansen                 ​ (1989)

City Ambassador

An external individual or group may be appointed to represent the interests of the city at a national or international level.

Hamilton Medal

The Hamilton Medal honours the significant achievement of individuals who have been very successful in their chosen field and who have made an outstanding contribution to the city as a whole. Only the Mayor can put forward a nomination for this award, and only one medal​ can be awarded each year.

​​​​Past Freedom Holders of the City

  • Campbell Smith                                (2014)
  • Brian Perry                                        (2005)
  • Mike Minogue                                  (1991)
  • Dr Anthony Rogers                          (1991)
  • Sir Ross Jansen                                 (1989)
  • Dr Dennis Rogers                             (1985)
  • Dr Don Llewellyn                             (1985)
  • Dame Te Atairangikaahu                (1973)
  • Harold Caro                                      (1956)
  • Hilda Ross                                         (1948)
  • Warwick Braithwaite                      (1947) 


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