Our vision

Hamilton Plan is our vision. 

The Hamilton Plan is our vision for Hamilton's future and it's a plan that will build a stronger economy and a more attractive city for families.

The Council will focus on ten priorities over the next ten years that will collectively redefine Hamilton as a major New Zealand city. These priorities centre on building on the lifestyle and economy Hamilton already has, to maximise all the opportunities. 

Where we want to be:

  1. Our books are balanced
  2. The third city economy in New Zealand
  3. Providing outstanding infrastructure
  4. Strongly connected to the river
  5. Best garden in the world
  6. An active, strong commercial central city with distinctive suburban villages
  7. An urban garden
  8. Access to affordable housing
  9. Celebrated for our arts and culture
  10. Waikato is the capital of high performance sport
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