25.1.3 Rules - National Environmental Standards

​​​​​a) The Resource Management (National Environmental Standard on Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health) Regulations 2011 apply to defined activities in specific circumstances.​


1. Proposals to remove or replace a fuel storage system, sample soil, disturb soil, subdivide or change the use of land must consider whether this National Environmental Standard applies.
2. Council is responsible for applying and enforcing the provisions of National Environmental Standards. This National Environmental Standard provides standards relevant to managing the use, development and subdivision of contaminated or potentially contaminated land for the protection of human health. Refer to the Ministry for the Environment’s website for relevant documents and guidance material.
3. This National Environmental Standard may alter the activity status of activities within this Plan, and additional standards, matters for assessment and criteria may apply. Council holds information that may assist in establishing whether activities on the Hazardous Activities and Industries List, as defined by the National Environmental Standard, currently or have previously operated on the land.
4. Activities may have other non-contaminated land related controls relevant to it that are found in other parts of the District Plan.
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