25.2.3 Rules - Activity Status Table

a) Earthworks (excluding earthworks covered by Rule 25.2.3 b) and i))
b) Earthworks and vegetation removal involving trenching, pole installation and replacement, slab foundation (not exceeding 2m in depth) and pile foundations for telecommunications masts, for infrastructure and network utilities
c) Trimming, maintenance or removal of vegetation or trees not otherwise mentioned in this Plan
d) Trimming and​ pruning of vegetation necessary to protect all overhead electric lines or telecommunication lines
Also refer to Chapter 25.7: Network Utilities and the Electricity National Grid Corridor
e) Removal of vegetation or trees in the Open Space Zones
f) Earthworks and vegetation trimming, maintenance or removal within a:
    i.   High Flood Hazard Area
g) Earthworks and vegetation maintenance, trimming or removal affecting:
    i. An archaeological and cultural site in Schedule 8B of Volume 2, Appendix 8
    ii. A significant tree in Schedule 9D of Volume 2, Appendix 9
    iii. A significant natural area in Sched​ule 9C of Volume 2, Appendix 9
h) Works within the root protection zone of a:
    i. Significant tree in Schedule 9D of Volume 2, Appendix 9
    ii. Tree within a significant natural area in Schedule 9C of Volume 2, Appendix 9
i) Earthworks associated with the replacement and/or removal of a fuel storage system as defined and controlled in the Resource Management (National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health) Regulations 2011.​P

1. Earthworks and Vegetation Removal must comply with any relevant requirements of the Waikato Regional Plan and the Waikato Regional Pest Management Plan.
2. No person may destroy, damage, or modify an archaeological site without an authority from Heritage New Zealand. If items of archaeological significance are found when undertaking earthworks, authority must be obtained from Heritage New Zealand before proceeding with any further works which could potentially destroy, damage, or modify such items.
3. Activity status for earthworks relating to existing high voltage transmission lines as of 14 January 2010, identified on the District Plan Maps and forming part of the National Grid, is set out and determined within the Resource Management (National Environmental Standard for Electricity Transmission Activities) Regulations 2009.
4. The Resource Management (National Environmental Standard on Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health) Regulations 2011 may alter the activity status of activities and additional standards, matters for assessment and criteria may apply. Refer to Chapter 25.1: City-wide – Development Suitability for relevant objectives ( and policies ( to and Rule 25.1.3.
5. For any activity not identified above see Section
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