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​​​​​​​​​Agendas and minutes

Agendas and minutes for Council and committee meetings are available online:
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Council meetings

Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly Council meetings, which are usually held on the last Thursday of the month.  Meetings are usually held in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Building in Garden Place.

All Council and committee meetings are open to the public unless there is a reason to consider items in ‘public excluded’. These items are confidential and members of the public will be asked to leave the meeting room until discussion is completed.

For more information about the roles, responsibilities and profiles of your Mayor and Councillors:

Live updates from Council meetings

Full Council meetings are streamed live from the Chambers web cams. Video footage of previous Council meetings are also available online:
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We also live stream updates from the Council meeting on our Twitter feed using the #HCClive hashtag and post key decisions on our Facebook page.

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Public forums

As per Hamilton City Council's Standing Orders, a period of up to 30 minutes has been set aside for a public forum. Each speaker during the public forum section of this meeting may speak for three minutes or longer at the discretion of Her Worship the Mayor or the relevant Chairperson.

Please note that the public forum is to be confined to those items falling within the terms of the reference of this meeting.

​Speakers will be put on a Public Forum speaking list on a first come first served basis in the Council Chamber or Committee Room prior to the start of the Meeting.  A member of the Council Democracy Team will be available to co-ordinate this.  As many speakers as possible will be heard within the allocated time.
If you have any questions regarding Public Forum, please contact the Democracy Unit on 07 838 8625 or email

Council committees 

Council has four standing committees which report to the Council and a number of sub-committees, advisory panels and working groups which helps us set policy and guide responsibilities. 

Finance Committee

Chairperson: Cr Rob Pascoe
Deputy Chairperson: Cr Garry Mallett
Membership: All elected members
Meets: Six weekly

Terms of Reference

  1. To monitor the Council’s financial and non financial performance against the 10 Year Plan and Annual Plan
  2. To monitor the delivery of key projects
  3. To approve and monitor contracts
  4. To approve acquisition or sale or lease of properties owned by the Council or owned by the Municipal Endowment Fund

Finance sub-committees

This committee will be supported in its work by the following sub-committees:
  • Events Sponsorship Sub-committee
  • External Funding Sub-committee
  • Council Controlled Organisations (CCO) Sub-committee

Strategy and Policy Committee

Chairperson: Cr Angela O’Leary
Deputy Chairperson: Cr Andrew King
Committee: All elected members
Meets: Six weekly

Terms of Reference
  1. To develop and recommend strategies, plans and policies to the Council that advance the Council’s vision and goals, and comply with the purpose of the Local Government Act
  2. To monitor implementation and effectiveness of strategies, plans and policies
  3. To develop and recommend bylaws to the Council
  4. To develop and approve submissions to government, local authorities and other organisations

Strategy and Policy sub-committees

This committee will be supported in its work by the following sub-committees:

  • Civil Defence and Emergency Management Sub-committee
  • Community Forum Sub-committee
  • Business and Investment Sub-committee
  • Hearings Sub-committee
Current Working Groups already operating and that will continue with their work:
  • River Plan Group
  • Playgrounds

Audit and Risk Committee

This committee monitors the Council's external and internal audit process. View role, scope and members information.

CEO Review Committee

Chairperson: Mayor
Committee: Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chairperson Finance and Chairperson Strategy and Policy
Meets: as required
The purpose of this committee is to review the Chief Executive’s performance and make recommendations to the Council about all matters relating to the employment to the Chief Executive and his employment agreement.

Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs) 

  • Local Authority Shared Services Limited (LASS)

View the Council Controlled Organisations page for more information

Note: Council Controlled Organisations are described in the Local Government Act 2002 (LGA 2002) as any organisation in which one or more local authorities control 50 per cent or more of the voting rights or appoint 50 per cent or more of the directors.

External organisations

  • Innovation Waikato Limited (Shareholder Representation)
  • SODA Limited
  • Vibrant Hamilton Trust Incorporated

Joint organisations and advisory groups

  • Civil Defence Emergency Management Group (Regional)
  • Waikato Valley Emergency Operations Area Emergency Management Committee
  • Environment Waikato – Middle Waikato Sub-Committee (Project Watershed)
  • Waikato Regional Transport Committee
  • Waikato Regional Public Transport Committee
  • Hamilton Central Business Association  - Business Improvement District
  • Joint Future Proof Implementation Committee
  • Lake Rotokauri Advisory Group
  • University of Waikato Animal Ethics Committee
  • Local Government Association Zone 2 Representatives
  • Waikato River Joint Management Group
  • Council of Elders
  • Youth Council
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