​​​​​Who is standing?​​​

​Issue​First Name​Last Name​Affliliation
​East Ward ​Possum ​Allen
​East Ward​MeleaneBurgess
​​East Ward ​​Robert ​​Curtis​​​Independent
​​East Ward​DeborahFisher
​East Ward​RyanHamilton​
​East Ward​HorianaHenderson​​Independent
​East Ward​Peter Humphreys​​Independent
​East Ward​GarrickLaing​​​People Count
​East Ward​Ross​Macleod​
​East Ward​ManoManoharan
​East Ward​SarkawMohammad​Independent
​East Ward​ChrisRollitt​Independent
​East Ward​Matthew​Small​​Independent
​East Ward​Maxine​v​an Oosten​​Independent
​East Ward​Michael West
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Information for Candidates

Social media

​​Candidates standing for Council must understand and be aware of their social media presence for campaigning purposes at all times. Click here to view​ ​the gui​​delines​.​​

Council plans and reports

Read more about current Council plans 



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