The Hamilton Plan

​​​​Our plan to build a stronger economy and a more attractive city for families

In 2014 Hamilton celebrated 150 years since European settlement was first established on the banks of the Waikato River. For hundreds of years before, Maori recognised the value of this location, living along the river banks, cultivating food and trading on the river. 

Today, Hamilton is emerging as a New Zealand success story. A city built on a strong economy, growing rich from the land around it. It's fast growing, with a current population of around 158,000, providing services to over 380,000 people in the greater Waikato. 

Hamilton is home to many young people and families and is one of the only places in New Zealand that will continue to have future growth in its youth population. Hamilton has been described as a teenager, about to enter adulthood. There is a sense of confident maturity emerging and we are increasingly comfortable with our identity as an economic leader and as a place people choose to live for its lifestyle. 

The Hamilton Plan is our vision for Hamilton's future and it's a plan that will build a stronger economy and a more attractive city for families. The Council will focus on ten priorities over the next ten years that will collectively redefine Hamilton as a major New Zealand city. These priorities centre on building on the lifestyle and economy Hamilton already has, to maximise all the opportunities. 


Introduction The Hamilton Plan does not include all the detail; plans, policies and actions already exist to support many of the ten priorities and are being implemented. Some are still to be developed and other organisations have plans that support the priorities, for example the Tourism Opportunities Plan. Our measure of success is achieving our ten priorities. ​

The Hamilton Plan is Hamilton's blueprint for the next decade to build a stronger economy and a more attractive city for families.​

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