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Schedule for February 2017

The Annual Plan council meeting on Tuesday 7 March was adjourned to be reconvened on Thursday 9 March at the Council Meeting.

7 March 2017Council meeting - Annual Plan​​​​
9 March 2017​​Ordinary Council meeting
28 March 2017​Council meeting
28 March 2017Growth and Infrast​ructure​
30​ March 2017​​Elected member briefing​​

Download agendas and minutes and view th​e Council and Committee meeting calendar.

Please note: during the live meeting, the screen will appear blank or with a Council logo during breaks or public excluded items.  Live stream will appear again when the meeting continues.​​​​

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Missed the last Council and committee meeting or want to watch a particular item?

You can watch previous Council and committee meetings on demand through our Hamilton City Council YouTube channel.

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