Elected Councillors

​​​​​Mayor and Councillors

The Hamilton City Council is comprised of the Mayor and 12 councillors who represent the citizens of Hamilton. The council is elected every three years and the last election was held on 8 October 2016.

You can find their contact details and committee memberships below. ​

​​​​​Andrew King

Hamilton Mayor

Phone: 07 838 6976

Email: mayor@hcc.govt.nz


Mark Bunting

Councillor - East Ward

Email: mark.bunting@council.hcc.govt.nz


James R Casson

Councillor - East Ward

Email: james.casson@council.hcc.govt.nz

Garry Mallett

Councillor - East Ward

Phone: 021 741 021

Email: garry.mallett@council.hcc.govt.nz

Rob Pascoe

Councillor - East Ward

Phone: 021 988 742

Email: rob.pascoe@council.hcc.govt.nz


Paula Southgate

Councillor - East Ward

Email: paula.southgate@council.hcc.govt.nz

Philip Yeung

Councillor - East Ward

Phone: 027 808 1626

Email: philip.yeung@council.hcc.govt.nz


Martin Gallagher

Councillor - West Ward

Phone: 021 241 8434

Email: martin.gallagher@council.hcc.govt.nz


Siggi Henry

Councillor - West Ward

Email: siggi.henry@council.hcc.govt.nz


Dave Macpherson

Councillor - West Ward

Phone: 021 477 388

Email: dave.macpherson@council.hcc.govt.nz


Angela O'Leary

Councillor - West Ward

Phone: 021 343 774

Email: angela.oleary@council.hcc.govt.nz


Geoff Taylor

Councillor - West Ward

Email: geoff.taylor@council.hcc.govt.nz


Leo Tooman

Councillor - West Ward

Phone: 021 512 098

Email: leo.tooman@council.hcc.govt.nz

Role of elected members

Our elected members are responsible for:
  • law-making (bylaws) and overseeing compliance to the relevant Acts of Parliament. For example, the Local Government Act 2002.
  • developing and approving Council policy.
  • determining expenditure and funding requirements of Council through the 10-Year Plan and Annual Plan processes.
  • monitoring the performance of Council against its stated objectives and policies, particularly through the Annual Report.
  • representing the interests of Hamilton. Upon election, all members must make a declaration that they will perform their duties faithfully and impartially and according to their best skill and judgement in the best interests of the city.
  • employing the Chief Executive. Under the Local Government Act 2002, the council employs the Chief Executive who, in turn, employs all other staff on its behalf.

Contact the Democracy Unit

Democracy Unit
Level 9, Council Offices
Garden Place
Hamilton City Council
Private Bag 3010
Hamilton 3240

07 838 6766

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