Animal education and control fees and charges

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The information below covers fees and charges related to dogs and stock control carried out by our Animal Education and Control Team in Hamilton city.  

See animal education and control​ for more information about dog registration, microchipping and safety; dog ownership obligations​; dog exercise areas; caring for your dog; barking dogs; dangerous and menacing dogs; caring for your dog; adopting a dog; lost and found dogs; wandering stock; and hiring feral cat or possum traps. 

Use our Dogs Online registration and payment system to directly register and renew registration/s for your dog/s online. Find out more about dog registration requirements, fee details and discounts​.

You can also access the Dogs Online system through our general 'Online Services​' feature instead, if you also plan to use Online Services to make other types of online payments to Council as well (such as rates, accounts receivable, LIMs, etc).

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Fees and charges​ ​

Dog registration fees up to 30 June​$
​Category one​75
​Category two​​​​143
​Dog registration fees after 30 June
​Category one​​90
​Category two​158
​50% penalty - applies to registrations after 31 July
​Category one​135
​Category two​237
​Miscellaneous fees (dogs)
​First impoundment​79
​Second impoundment​​143
​Third impoundment​235
​Sustenance​per day​19
​Collars​actual cost
​Tag replacement​5
​Dog signover​62
​Puppy parvo vaccination​actual cost
​Dog adoption​225
​Seizure​per seizure per dog​85
​Second seizure​per dog​155
​Third seizure​per dog​250
​Dog micro-chipping​25
​Males​actual cost
​Females​actual cost
​Cat trap hireage - for trapping feral cats or possums​per week​13
​Inspection fee for keeping more than two dogs
​First application fee​79
​Annual renewal fee​39
​Stock impounding related fees
​Horse, mule and deer​27.50
​Sheep, goats​13.50
​Sustenance​per stock/day​10
​Stock driving and rangers charge stock​per hour​70​​
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