Building control - fees and charges list

​​​​​​​​​​The information below covers fees and charges related to building consents in Hamilton city.  ​​​​Building fees and charges are based upon the Hamilton City Council's actual and reasonable costs of the associated work.

See building consents and information​ ​for more information on the processes and requirements of building consents, where to find the resources you need and how to apply for consents, LIMs, PIMs and inspections.
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​Project Information Memorandum​


​Minor works50
​Spa pools​​150​​
​Swimming pools​150
​Small building works​​​​​255
​Outbuilding habitable​255
​Alterations and additions​255
​All dwellings​255
​Demolition residential​130
​Commercial demolition​150
​Commercial minor works​150
​Internal fit out​150
​Up to two storeys​255
​For all other commercial projects​400

​Building consents


​Building consent fees are excluding document management fees.
Additional fees may also apply -
see additional building consent related fees below. ​
​​Minor works (including install window or door, demolish a wall,
install solid wall heater, erect a pergola, install a garden shed, install kitchen fittings)​
​Spa pools​1180
​Swimming pools​1180
​Small building works (including but not limited to
minor additions or alterations up to 3m2​)
​Outbuilding habitable​2100
​Alterations and additions​2350
​Dwelling single storey​4550
​Dwelling two story​6100
​Dwelling three storey or more​9500
​Attached group of residential units (first unit)​4550
​   - plus per unit charge after first unit​2250
​Demolition residential​1000
​Demolition commercial​1250
​Commercial minor works (including but not limited to installing a steel beam,
installation of a sink, installation of a door)
​Small commercial building works​2000
​Internal fit out < $150,000​4215
​Up to two storeys <= $1,000,000​7685
​More than two storeys and.or < $1,000,000 (large commercial)​10,550
​   - plus additional hourly rate where applicable​240
​Photocopying - document management
​A4 per page​2​
​A3 per page​3
​A2 per page​3
​A0 per page​3
​Additional building consent related fees
​Building accreditation levy 20 cents per $1000 of building value​.20
​BRANZ levy $1.00 per $1000 on projects $20,000 and over​1
​DBH levy $2.01 per $1000 on projects $20,444 and over​2.01
​Street crossing application240
​Structural audit fee120
​External consultancy fees (including but not limited to:
Fire Service, acoustic testing)
​Water, stormwater and waste services charges (including but not limited to:
service connections/disconnections, CCTV surveys, tradewaste​
Additional inspections​120
Inspection of building to be shifted into Hamilton City250
​   - plus mileage outside of city per km​0.72
​   - plus time for inspector to travey outside of city per 30 minutes​​120
​Inspection of amusement devices​11.50
​Inspection of circuses for fire safety120
​Amendments to a building consent application (whether issued or not) (per hour)​​240​
​Application to extend time for which a building consent is valid​130
​Urgent Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) - within 24 hours​200
​Copy of Code Compliance Certificate​60
Building warrant of fitness and compliance schedule​
​Building warrant of fitness​60
​Issue of a compliance schedule​60
​   - plus charge per system or feature​60
​Replacement compliance schedule and warrant of fitness statement​60
​Inspection of compliance schedule maintenance and reporting procedures​200
​Compliance schedule re-inspection​120
​Compliance schedule amendment​60
Land Information Memorandum
- plus additional hourly rate where over three hours (per hour)​​84
​Express LIM - residential only (within three days)​485
​Swimming Pool & Fencing Compliance
Audit inspectin of Swimming Pool and Fencing Compliance240
​   - plus additional hourly rate where applicable​120
​Other applications
​Application for waiver or modification to the Building Code
   - additional inspection charges may also apply.
​Request for exemption from building consent​240
​Certificate of Acceptance Application (COA)
   - relevant building consent fee will also apply
​Change of use application​350
​Certificate of Public Use (CPU)​600
​Liquor licence - compliance with building code certificate
   - additional inspection charges may apply
​Application for acceptance as an Independent Qualified Person (IQP)​650
​IQP annual renewal​150
​Application for Producer Statement Author approval​350
​Producer Statement Author annual renewal​65
Home Star Rated Building Assessment550
Information Requests
​Proprty Information Search Request
 - Including but not limited to: Microfilm, Service Logs, Property Search,
Aerials, Scanned Images.
 - Additional photocopying and printing charges will apply where applicable.
​Where staff search time exceeds 15 minutes, additional hourly rates will
apply and be charged per 15 minutes
Microfiche Plan Printer Charges
​A4 per page4
​A3 per page​5
Photo copying and printing
Property File CD Copy
​ - plus additional charges where time taken is over one hour​​​72
​- Courier within New Zealand​​10
Building consent fees will be required to be paid in full upon application.
No processing will commence until these fees are paid.
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