Hamilton City libraries

​​​​Rental collection


​Best sellers​first week​5
​Pay magazines​first week2.1
​CDs​first week​2.50
​DVDs​first week​2.70
Kitset collections14 days​1

Daily overdue charges​

​Adult collections
​Books​per day​0.50
​Talking books​per day​0.50
​Pay magazines​per day​0.50
​Free magazines​per day​0.50
​Pay CDs​per day​0.50
​Free CDs​per day​0.50
​DVDs​per day​0.50
​Best sellers​per day​1
​Children and Young Adult collections​per day​0.10
​Books​per day​0.10
​Talking books​per day​0.10
​Magazines​per day​0.10
​CDs​per day​0.10
​DVDs​per day​0.10
​Kitset collections​per day​​0.50
Subscriptions (non-residents only)
​Group subscription​per annum​175
​Individual subscription (four item load limit)​per annum​80
​Replacement card​3.70
​Photocopying and printing
​A4 (black and white)​per side​0.20
​A4 (colour)​per side​1
​A3 (black and white)​per side​0.40
​A3 (colour)​per side​2.10
​Photocopying card​2.50
​Heritage Collection reproduction and use fees
(supply within 10 working days)
​Corporate - high resolution​per image​90
​Corporate - low resolution​per image​40
​Local business / not for profit organisation - high resolution​per image​45
​Local business / not for profit organisation - low resolution​per image​25
​Personal use - high resolution​per image​25
​Personal use - low resolution​per image​10
​Promotional use​per image​100
​Reproductions from the Waikato Times Collection ​High resolution (each)​25
​Reproductions from the Waikato Times Collection ​Low resolution (each)​10
​Image print - standard paper​per image, up to A4​2
​per image, up to A3​4
​Image print - photo quality paper​per image, up to A4​5
Fee for urgent delivery (3-5 day delivery)​​per order​​40
​Reservations / same day holds​1.50
E-resources reservations​1
Contract research​per half hour​35
​Standard Interloan fee​10
​Urgent NZ Interloan​40
​Standard international Interloan​35
​Urgent international Interloan​55
​Library facility hire
​Branch community rooms (not for profit organisation)​flat fee​17
​Branch community rooms (for profit organisation)​flat fee​55


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