​​​Hire charges


​Museum foyer
​Floor hire​per three hours​305
​Additional hour​61
​Lecture theatre

​Floor hire​per three hours​305
Upper Gallery
​Floor hire​per three hours​305
​No deposit
​Floor hire​per three hours​305
​Gallery hire
​Commission on sales will be charged in addition to gallery hire
​Chartwell Gallery​per week​175
​Ida Carey Gallery​per week​65
​Margot Philips Gallery​per week​65

​Admission fees


​Special exhibitions
​Fees for special exhibitions will vary depending on the cost of presenting the exhibition. Admission fees for beneficiaries, students and senior citizens will be adult fees discounted by approximately 15%​ ​
​Science galleries
​Families (small, one adult & two children)​18
​Families (large, two adults & up to four children)​​35
​Education classes
​School student​one class​6
​two classes​8
​three classes​10
​Public programme
​Full day school holiday programme plus booking fee​38

​Museum Collection reproduction fees


​Digital imaging
​High resolution RGB digital file​​61
​Low resolution JPEG emailed​25.50
​Photography and filming in gallery which requires staff supervision​per hour​315
​Photocopying​per sheet​0.20
​Research fee​per 15 minutes​15
​Publication fee (per collection image)
​Books, periodicals, magazines, e-Books​NZ rights/image 1-2 images​56

​NZ rights/image 3-5 images​46
​NZ rights/image 6+2 images​41
​Book covers/jackets​NZ rights/image​255
​Decoration and display in public areas​NZ rights/image​145
​Television and commercial motion pictures​NZ rights/image​285
​​Calendars and prints​NZ rights/image​285
​Postcards, greeting cards, Christmas cards​NZ rights/image​145
​Advertising and decoration (includes CD covers, labels, packaging, posters, television advertisements)​NZ rights/image​570
​Corporate (annual reports, in-house publications etc.​)​NZ rights/image​285
​Internet use (low-res files only)​NZ rights/image​25.50
​Books, periodicals, magazines, e-books​World rights: per image:
1-2 images
​Books, periodicals, magazines, e-books​World irights: per image:
3-5 images
​Books, periodicals, magazines, e-books​World rights: per image: 
6 + images
​Book covers / jackets​World rights: per iamge​510
​Decoration and display in public areas​world rights: per image​255
​Television and commercial motion pictures​World rights: per image​570
​Calendars and prints​World rights: per image​715
​Postcards, greeting cards, Christmas cards​World rights: per image​305
​Advertising and decoration (includes CD covers, labels, packaging,
posters, television advertisements)
​World rights: per image​1140
​Corporate (annual reports, in-house publications etc.)​World rights: per image​1140
​Internet Use (low-res files only)​World rights: per image​41
​Presentation/lecture use (low-res files only)​Up to 9 images​41
​Private use or study reproduction fee​first image​15.50
​additional images​5​.10
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