Parking around sports grounds and cycle lanes

​Parking courtesy

​Saturdays are particularly busy at and near Hamilton's community sports parks, with families, officials and teams converging on the grounds for matches.

We receive a number of complaints about people parking inconsiderately​​, blocking footpaths, shared paths, cycle lanes, driveways, and in no No Stopping Areas.

Hamilton City Council is urging the city's grassroots sports community – particularly parents, caregivers, coaches and supporters - to be courteous and thoughtful when parking near sports grounds.

Please make sure:

  • You park safely at all times
  • You do not park across neighbouring residents' driveways
  • Do not park your vehicle on broken yellow lines, or "no stopping" areas
  • Do not block footpaths, shared paths or cycle lanes
  • Do not park at the end of a cul de sac in a way which prevents other vehicles turning
  • You drive cautiously and are aware of pedestrians, particularly children
  • If a match ball goes on to the road, it is retrieved by an adult.

Our aim is to work with you to make your winter sports fun and safe.

Inappropriate or illegal parking compromises the safety of other road users and pedestrians, and causes congestion. Parking on footpaths also impedes access for people with disabilities, particularly those using mobility scooters.​

The Council's Parking Team will be visiting these areas following complaints. 

Page reviewed: 10 May 2017 4:17pm