Publicly Notified Applications

​​​​Current applications in progress

  • Board of Administration of the Methodist Church of New Zealand:​  Resource consent application for the removal of St Paul's Methodist Church, a 'B' ranked heritage listed building from 62 London Street.

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Trust Board:  Resource consent application for Comprehensive Development Plan removal of David O McKay building (heritage building) and all other classroom and administrative buildings in Comprehensive Development Plan Area 1, and removal of privacy wall, and land use consent for earthworks infrastructure, development of residential buildings and retail precinct in Comprehensvie Development Area 1.

 ​Archived Consultation and Notification

​Make a submission

Have your say about publicly notified resource consent applications by making a submission.

To make a submission, you will need to identify what effect the proposed activity will have on you, and why you support or oppose it. Make sure you study the application, talk to Council staff, and talk to other people who might be affected.

This will help you to identify the matters you want to raise in your submission.

​​​​  PG A1 Notified Resource Consent Submission Form.pdf
  PG A1a Publicly Notified Class 4 Gambling Venue Submission Form.pdf

Tips for writing a good submission

A well written submission has two key elements – the relevant content and a readable style.

Tips to get started:

  • Think carefully about what needs to go into your submission
  • Give the content a logical order
  • Stick to the facts.

A clear and well-written submission is far more effective than a rambling and emotional one. Facts supported by evidence, not emotion, is what Council will use when making decisions.​

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