Urban Design Advisory Panel

As part of the Council's commitment to the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol, we have established an Urban Design Panel to review and make recommendations on various development proposals within Hamilton.

The Urban Design Panel provides free independent expert advice on the key urban design elements of a project or proposal. The Urban Design Panel enables a quicker, easier building and consent process by helping to address the key urban design considerations up front. The Panel can help gain community and Council support for a project by demonstrating a developer's commitment to quality design outcomes.

The Urban Design Panel is an advisory body, and does not have statutory authority to accept or reject a proposal. It provides recommendations on the merits of a design proposal within the context of the City Design Guide VISTA and international best practice.

Contact Details

For further details regarding the Urban Design Panel, including discussions on whether your proposal would benefit from the Panel, please contact Colin Hattingh on 07 838 6702.

For more information, including what types of proposals should go to the Panel, view theVista Design Guide leaflet (PDF 139KB) or download the fullVista Design Guide document (PDF 1.34MB)

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