Transport Choices and Road Safety

Better access for all road users

Hamilton has four state highways running through it and transport planners want to identify opportunities to improve access for pedestrians, people on bikes and disabled residents. An accessibility assessment is underway involving various city groups and the public. The work is being led by the NZ Transport Agency which builds and maintains the country’s state highways. Hamilton City Council is supporting the project. 

Engagement with user groups, neighbourhoods and the wider public is about to get underway through a series
of community meetings. This will help identify opportunities for improvements and identify priorities.

The dates and venues for these sessions are:

Tuesday 14 February
Western Community Centre
108 Grandview Front House, Nawton
2pm to 7pm

Tuesday 21 February
St Francis Church Hall
92 Mansell Avenue, Hillcrest
1pm to 6pm

Wednesday 22 February
Glenview Community Centre
12 Tomin Rd, Glenview
1pm to 5.30pm


​​​​​​​What's your transport choice?

The purpose of Access Hamilton is to meet the changing travel demands of the city by providing an affordable, safe, responsive and sustainable transport system. We want Hamilton to be a city where it's safe and easy to get around.

In our unique urban setting, the distances travelled by people in cars are generally short and can easily be changed to active modes of travel.

You can also read about our current programme of safety and access improvement works supporting walking, cycling and public transport.

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