Safety and Access Improvement Programme

Hamilton is New Zealand’s fourth largest urban area with around 141,000 residents, and is expected to grow to 207,000 residents by 2036. We need to plan and programme for this growth now.

We’re completing our strategic road network but we also need to focus on making sure the rest of our transport network functions safely and efficiently. We need to manage our road network to cope with large amounts of traffic at peak times and create safer places for people to live and engage with each other, by funding, providing and promoting quality alternatives to car travel, like city cycle networks and bus routes. This is our programme of safety and access improvements.

For examples of some completed improvements and information on how they work, have a look at examples of safety and access improvements.

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As outlined in the Access Hamilton Strategy key issues for transport are:

  • Congestion at river and rail crossings
  • Imbalanced peak flows
  • Congested major intersections
  • Urban sprawl
  • Increasing injury crashes at intersections
  • Long term affordability of the transport network

To address these issues, it is essential to provide a safe infrastructure that encourages the use of walking, cycling and public transport, especially for school and work trips.

To support this the Access Hamilton Strategy establishes a hierarchy of interventions:

  • Land use planning to reduce the need to travel
  • Behaviour change to manage the demand for travel
  • Alternative transport modes to reduce the need for additional road capacity
  • Managing and optimising existing networks
  • Providing additional infrastructure and services to meet travel demand

Programmes of works

To implement this strategy four programmes of works have been developed and included in Hamilton’s 10-Year Plan:

  • Safer Speed Areas
  • Minor Works
  • Integrated Transport Initiatives
  • Public Transport Infrastructure

More information on the four programmes of works. (PDF, 47.8KB)

Our programme of works is a multi-year approach to lead Hamilton towards improved roads for all.
The programme is consistent with the Government’s Safer Journeys Strategy which identifies that the driver, the vehicle speed and the road environment are all important and necessary to achieve safer roads and safer journeys. The proposed works above are all included under these four programmes.

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