Regulatory Effectiveness and Efficiency Programme (REEP)

Hamilton City Council is working on a project to make sure that Council's regulatory functions are as effective, efficient, transparent and customer-focussed as possible.  It's called the Regulatory Effectiveness and Efficiency Programme (REEP) also known as the Red Tape Review. 

Stage 1 of the programme looks at the Partly Operative District Plan and related customer processes.  The main focus will be on making the rules and methods framework of the District Plan as efficient and effective as possible.  While this project is not a full review of the District Plan part of the brief is also identify any objectives and policies contained in the Plan that are not efficiently achieving their intended purpose.  We will also be looking for opportunities for improving the delivery of District Plan-related customer processes.

Debra Stan-Barton is leading the REEP project team, with support from Peter Skilton, a locally based planning consultant.   They are both independent of Council's planning departments, and are working with guidance f​rom a Taskforce made up of elected members, external appointees and Council staff to make sure the project is unbiased, robust and transparent.

The project is not a reflection on or review of staff and is an opportunity for the Council processes to be improved so our staff can do an even better job.

Click here​ to view a copy of the project's terms of reference.

Where to from here?

The first part of the project is to find what rules and methods and associated objectives and policies in the District Plan could be improved.

The Council is currently engaging with every resource consent applicant within the last three years to get a thorough understanding from the community of their views

The second stage of the project will look at the Council's processes to make sure they're smooth, streamlined and customer-focused.

Any recommended changes to the plan will form a report for the Mayor and Councillors to discuss at a public Council meeting.

Can you be involved?

If you have any questions about the project or would like to be involved, email or phone 07 838 6699.​

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