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Text Size

If you find the text size on this website is too small or too large to read comfortably, you can change the size of the text via your browser. You can also specify the font styles, colours, and foreground and background colours. The way you do this varies from browser to browser.

(Please note - some computers will allow you to increase text size simply by holding down the 'control' key and using the wheel in the middle of the mouse to make the text larger and smaller.)

Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, click the cog at top-right and select Zoom then choose the level of magnification you require. You can also zoom in and out via your keyboard using the CTRL and (-) and (+) keys.

Firefox (Mozilla)

If you are using Firefox, go to the menu at the top of the browser window and select View, from the list of options, select Text Size. You will see a side menu open up; select the size you wish to view the website in.
Firefox also allows the text size to be changed with keyboard shortcuts:
Press Ctrl and + to increase the size
Press Ctrl and - to decrease the size
Press Ctrl and 0 to go back to the default size


When using Safari or Google Chrome you can use the following keyboard commands to change text size:

Press Cmd(Ctrl) and + to increase the size
Press Cmd(Ctrl) and - to decrease the size
Press Cmd(Ctrl) and 0 to go back to the default size
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