Heritage Inventory

The relationship of Maaori and their culture and traditions with their ancestral lands, water, sites, waahi tapu, and other taonga and the protection of historic heritage from inappropriate subdivision, use, and development are identified under the Resource Management Act as being of national importance.​

Hamilton city's archaeological and built heritage is managed through the Hamilton district plan where the most important heritage structures and archaeological sites are identified for protection.

Click here to view the Partly Operative District Plan section containing heritage rankings and reference numbers.

Click here to view a GIS map showing heritage items and sites.

For each of the 123 listed heritage buildings and structures there is an inventory setting out the reasons why they have been listed for protection.  The inventories provide the story behind each listed item and matters of special note, such as:

  • a key event
  • significant community member's residence (e.g. the Mayor or doctor, or member of parliament)
  • that the building is protected due to its architectural design or the techniques used in its construction
  • why it was built (e.g. to celebrate an event or provide a community facility, for instance  a monument,  church or school) ​
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