The Heritage Plan

Council developed the Heritage Plan in 2016 to outline its approach to celebrating Hamilton's heritage.  There are also actions set in the Plan to ensure the identification, protection and use of heritage buildings and sites.

The Heritage Plan was developed by a panel of external heritage experts appointed between 2013 and 2016 in collaboration with  Council, Mana Whenua, heritage groups and owners of heritage listed buildings and sites.

The plan is based on the following five goals:

  • Identification
  • Protection
  • Promotion
  • Sustainability and use
  • Management and implementation   

The plan is a working document and is monitored regularly to ensure the actions timetabled are being done and that its effectiveness and objectives are being achieved.

Some of the key actions being undertaken in this first three year period (2016 to 2018):

  • Spatial and thematic heritage study
  • Updating the heritage inventory lists in the  District Plan
  • Develop and implement a heritage overlay within the central city
  • Develop design guidelines and information sheets for the protection of heritage
  • Give more prominence to heritage on the Council's website
  • Establish a heritage specialist list
  • Support funding provisions

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