Hillsborough Pump Station Upgrade

​​Hamilton is growing and over the next 10 years Hamilton City Council is set to deliver the biggest ever capital programme in the city's history. Embracing growth isn't just about plans, it's about making sure we're prepared for the future while at the same time protecting and enhancing our great river city.

One key project which will enable us to support growth is the Hillsborough Pump Station Upgrade.

The pump station upgrade project, valued at $5m is a major renewal project that will affect several residential and commercial stakeholders along Grantham St near the Victoria Bridge.

The pump station, located next to Graham St just south of the Victoria bridge, pumps wastewater from the south-eastern area of the central city across the bridge (on the underside of the bridge) to the main wastewater line on the eastern side of the Waikato River.

The pump station upgrade will increase the size and capacity of the current Hillsborough pump station, it is being modified to meet the needs of a growing city including:

  • Protecting the environment by reducing the number of overflows due to adverse weather events
  • Allowing for future growth of the city
  • Providing resilience by having emergency storage in case of mechanical or electrical failure
  • Relocating the pump station to a more accessible location to enable future upgrades.

Construction nearing completion

Construction on the Hillsborough wastewater pump station began in November 2019 after HEB Construction were awarded the contract to upgrade the existing station on behalf of Hamilton City Council.

The new pump station will be moved to the other side of the service lane in front of the Waterford Estate Building on Grantham St and will increase capacity to provide valuable storage during high flows.

We are continuing to minimise the disruption to nearby residents and businesses, traffic using Grantham St, and pedestrians and people on bikes using the river path. These affects may include temporary service lane and road closures, narrowing of Grantham St near the work site (this includes closing the parking spaces in front of the Waterford estate building) and general construction affects such as noise, vibration and dust. 

Project delays were caused when the country moved into Alert Level 4 but progress has been made since works resumed and major construction is due for completion in October 2020. This will include the pump station, pipes and storage tanks, protected by a new retaining wall. The carparks on Grantham St will be restored and landscaped. 

Once construction is complete we will start testing the new pumps, electrics, storage tanks and pipes, which is expected to carry on until the end of the year. 
Above: Two 40-metre-long storage tanks have been installed as part of the upgrades. This will increase capacity of the Hillsborough wastewater pump station from approximately 20 cubic metres to 450 cubic metres. 
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