Elliot Park - Nawton Skatepark and Playground Upgrade


We're planning changes to this well-loved local skatepark and playground. It will be more modern with improved seating, drinking fountains and rubbish bins. The playground equipment will be replaced and a new safety surface installed.​

We're proposing to add a half basketball court and link the skatepark and playground so the space is better used and connects with the park and community centre.


We've heard what the regular skaters of this park would like to see here. We're proposing to keep the current skatepark, refurbish the existing area and add to it. We are working with limited space at this park, with sports fields on one side and a carpark on the other.

Extra space and new features will improve the flow of the park and make it more useable. Here's what's proposed:

  • 4.5m more width allows for several new features and a rail down the length of the park. The proposed design incorporates a main stair set feature with two ledges and a central rail.
  • The road-facing end of the park will get a transition section that blends with the existing layout. The aim is to provide a wide range of options for return flow back into the existing park from this end.
  • The carpark side will get an extension and refurbishment, allowing a banked wall to be created with a ledge/box feature incorporated.
  • A new feature at the playground end of the park incorporates a flat bank and a curved quarter pipe, with a fading ledge that ties both platforms together. This will provide return flow into the park and give separation from the new proposed basketball court.
  • A new manual box/ledge combo and rail at the same end leads into a small integrated seating and hang-out space. ​
Page reviewed: 17 Jul 2020 4:46pm