Our plans for the future

An important part of achieving our vision to create an attractive and sustainable neighbourhood in Peacocke, is ensuring our planning provisions match our goals. We're reviewing the Peacocke Structure Plan and the land use planning framework to make sure we're making the most of the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) investment, to provide housing and cater to Hamilton's growth, but also to make sure we do that in a sustainable way that considers the wider programme.

The existing Peacocke Structure Plan is over 10 years old and needs to be refreshed to reflect the current environmental and design best practice. But, it also needs to reflect the extensive amount of working being done already in Peacocke to improve the area's stormwater, biodiversity and ecological outcomes. We have an opportunity to guide the look and feel of the new community and set out how we can protect and enhance our environment and cultural heritage.​

What's a structure plan?

A structure plan helps guide the development of a new area. It considers things like transport connections, open spaces, commercial areas, housing style and density, natural environment and cultural heritage. 

The Peacocke Structure Plan will consider:

  • providing enough open space
  • ensuring adequate community facilities are identified
  • confirming the size and location of the commercial centres
  • changes to residential densities and enhancing design quality
  • enhancing the stormwater and ecology of the area
  • ensuring any new planning provisions align with the broader Peacocke and HIF programme
  • promoting land use and transport integration.​

Opportunities and challenges

The Plan will consider all the opportunities and challenges relating to the land in Peacocke. For example, it will consider natural hazards, existing infrastructure designations, geotechnical issues and which areas are suitable for what use (like housing, recreational spaces, commercial areas etc).  

It will also identify, investigate and address the potential effects of growth and development on the natural and physical resources in Peacocke and in neighbouring areas. In particular, we'll look at those natural and physical resources that have been identified in the District Plan like our natural heritage, mana whenua, natural resources, historic heritage and special character.

The structure plan will then explain how any negative effects of growth and development are to be avoided, remedied or mitigated by proposed plan provisions, and how the positive effects can be maximised. ​

What it can't do

There are some things that we cannot change as they are already under way. This includes the alignment of the Southern Links roading network, ​which was decided through an extensive community engagement process over four years. We can also not change developments that have already been granted consent, proposed locations for infrastructure and the location of some community facilities which are currently being designated. 

​What's the timeline?

We're talking with iwi, landowners, developers, subject experts and the Hamilton community during 2020 to get an idea of what people want for Peacocke. We'll consider everyone's feedback and put together a draft plan. There will be an opportunity to formally submit on the proposed Peacocke Structure Plan in mid-2021.  

June - OctoberStakeholder engagement​
​11 November - 9 December 2020Opportunity for the community to have their say
Early 2021Finalise a draft Plan​
May 2021Formal notification of the Plan Change​​
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