​​​​​​​ To enable the development of an attractive and sustainable community in Peacocke. 
Ko te aaheinga o te hanga he waahi ataahua, he waahi toiora ki Peacocke. 

The Peacocke programme will deliver a new bridge, main roads, parks, and strategic water, wastewater and stormwater networks. Other work includes protecting and enhancing the environment, including the extensive gully system, and investigating community facilities which are also important parts of creating a new community in Peacocke.

When completed, Peacocke will be home for more than 20,000 Hamiltonians.

It's not just about the pipes and the roads or the bridge - Peacocke is about creating a new community people will call home. 

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Latest News - Environment an ‘absolute priority’ in Peacocke

​Planning for an east-west road in Peacocke has been designed to have the least impact on the local environment and has been through rigorous environmental, design and roading studies.

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Bridge design principles

Key design principles for a bridge crossing the Waikato River and connecting to the developing Peacocke neighbourhood were outlined to Hamilton Mayor Andrew King and Councillors at an open briefing.​

During the briefing, Hamilton City Council staff presented a video (below) showing one example of how the principles could be applied, noting the imagery was conceptual only as detailed design work and consultation with stakeholders will continue for several months.​

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