​​​​​​​​To enable the development of an attractive and sustainable community in Peacocke. 
Ko te aaheinga o te hanga he waahi ataahua, he waahi toiora ki Peacocke. 

Peacocke is Hamilton's southern-most growth area, and where the Council will be investing significantly (thanks to funding from the Government and NZ Transport Agency) to create a community.

The Peacocke programme will deliver a new bridge, main roads, parks, and strategic water, wastewater and stormwater networks. Other work includes protecting and enhancing the environment, including the extensive gully system, and investigating community facilities which are also important parts of creating a new community in Peacocke.

When completed, Peacocke will be home for more than 20,000 Hamiltonians.

It's not just about the pipes and the roads or the bridge - Peacocke is about creating a new community people will call home. It's where families will grow, where children will take their first steps, where people can enjoy the beauty of the Waikato River, where people will enjoy retirement, and where memories will be created and last a lifetime.

More information will be coming soon on all our projects happening in Peacocke.​

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