Peacocke wastewater transfer station

As we build our new community in Peacocke we need to make sure we put the right infrastructure in place at the right time, like essential wastewater services.

Wastewater transfer station

We're building a new wastewater pump station in Peacocke to cater to the area's growth and reduce demand on the city's western wastewater network.

The transfer station will collect wastewater from Peacocke and Fitzroy and temporarily store it until there is enough to push it through the pipeline to the wastewater treatment station at Pukete.

The pump station will transfer the wastewater via new pipelines over the Waikato River bridge (currently under construction), along the East Town Belt and Wairere Drive to connect into the city's existing wastewater network near Crosby Road. Work to install the new northern wastewater pipelines is nearing completion. 

Fitzroy pipeline

The project also includes more than 1.5km of pipe work to bring the Fitzroy area into the catchment to support operation and reduce demands on Hamilton's western wastewater network.

Key features of the project

  • Most of the pump station will be constructed underground – up to 8.5m below ground level.
  • Aboveground it incorporates artwork and interpretive signage to tell the story of the area


Work on the pump station is expected to start in November 2021 and take up to 18 months to complete.

Contract awardOctober 2021Complete
Site blessing November 2021Under way
Preparatory earthworks of siteDecember 2021Starting soon
Pump station constructionJanuary 2022 – Mid 2023 
Fitzroy pipeline constructionJanuary 2022 – Mid 2023 
Site finishing and landscapingMid 2023 

Get in touch

If you have any questions about construction, please get in touch with:

Grant Hubbard
Stakeholder Manager  - Brian Perry Civil
Mobile : 021 223 9018  

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