North Ridge Dr works

Why are we doing this?​
To support current and future development around North Ridge Dr, we have been working on a design for an urban upgrade of the road. This means taking North Ridge Dr from looking like a country road to one with lighting, footpaths, parking bays and kerbs. We've also completed design work to develop a new stormwater treatment wetland to deal the development area.

What's happening now?

Works are underway to urbanise North Ridge Dr which means we're taking it from looking like a country road to one with kerbs and footpaths. More on street parking bays will allow for more space for vehicles using the road, while new footpaths and street lighting will keep everyone safer.

While we are doing this work, we are working hard to retain as many of the existing trees on the street while also planting new ones, creating an attractive and sustainable community for our people.


The Council is working as fast as we can to complete  this work and our teams have invested in more resources to make this happen. 

Stormwater wetland
Soon to be finished (June 2020)

North Ridge Dr urban upgrade
Timeline has slightly changed due to work stopping over Alert Level 4 and we now expect to finish the work August 2020. This is when the road will be completed to a new urban standard with footpaths etc.

​These projects have been budgeted at $2M. ​

To view a concept plan of our plantings click here. 

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