Rototuna Village


This is an exciting period of growth for Hamilton and your Council is working hard to create special places with and for local communities.

The Council is investing $2B over the next ten years to build a more vibrant, attractive and prosperous city, and to improve the well-being of everyone who lives, works, plays and visits here.​

Over the next few years, the northeast of Hamilton is receiving a share of this planned investment – including $19.6M for the Rototuna community village development.

This money is for:

  • a community centre and library, with bookable rooms and meeting places
  • a town square
  • carparks

​The Council is also committed to investigating partnership opportunities for a potential pool that would provide for learn to swim activities, which would need to be commercially viable.

At this stage, we are aiming to complete the Rototuna community facilities in 2022.​

Latest update

Rototuna Revisited revealed

The Rototuna village has taken another leap towards reality with the release today of a revised village layout (modified from the original proposals following community feedback).

​Community feedback was sought on two design proposals (Rototuna A and Rototuna B).

Rototuna Project Manager Natasha Ryan said the feedback was "just fantastic" with great ideas to add or things that need to be addressed. 

"It's exciting to see the community voice emerging from the design.  There is a lot of detail to develop and the project team are now embedding the feedback into design briefs for the next stages of work".

The project team have now incorporated the feedeback into a new design (that they have dubbed Rototuna Revisited).

Key elements of the revised design include:

  • having clearer lines of sight and walkways between facilities throughout the village
  • prioritising pedestrians, cyclists and mobility scooters on North City Road
  • increasing the number of specialised car parks close to community facilities (for people with higher needs)
  • moving the skatepark and playground so they are further away from the library entrance
  • ensuring the village square is a connecting space between all elements
  • adding a public toilet.

A link to the copy of the full report that went to the Committee is provided in the right hand column​ of the web page under 'Additional Information'. 

The Council will consider the approach for the implementation plan in June.  Another Rototuna update will be sent out following this. 

If details are your thing, the design report (under Additional Information) includes a bit more detail.  Note that things will continue to change, but less and less as the design develops further. ​​

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