Rototuna Village

This is an exciting period of growth for Hamilton and your Council is working hard to create special places with and for local communities.

The Council is investing $2B over the next ten years to build a more vibrant, attractive and prosperous city, and to improve the well-being of everyone who lives, works, plays and visits here.​

Over the next few years, the northeast of Hamilton is receiving a share of this planned investment – including $19.6M for the Rototuna community village development.

This money is for:

  • a community centre and library, with bookable rooms and meeting places
  • a town square
  • carparks

​The Council is also committed to investigating partnership opportunities for a potential pool that would provide for learn to swim activities, which would need to be commercially viable.

At this stage, we are aiming to complete the Rototuna community facilities in 2022.​

What matters to you in Your Rototuna?​

The two proposals below for Your Rototuna are provided for your consideration.

These reflect the community’s wishes to “create a welcoming community village with flexible, inviting, connected and usable spaces”. 

Either of the two proposals presented here are possible within the $19.6M budget.

Your views on what you like, or don’t like about them, as well as your views on where the Council should prioritise spending in R​ototuna, will be warmly welcomed and considered.

We will use your feedback to review the proposals and help us develop a final concept.

There will be further opportunities to have your say on the specifics of the buildings and facilities in the community village once the concept is completed.

​​Rototuna ARototuna B

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​How to have your say​​

​​Community Conversations

Tuesday 19 March

Tuesday 26 March 

Saturday 30 March

Other ways to have your say

​Options Assessment

In order to decide which proposals to engage with the community, options for the Rototuna Community Village were initially assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. Community need – how does the option align with Hamilton's vision and strategies?
  2. Viability – how financially viable is the option (from a capital cost and an ongoing operating cost perspective)?
  3. Consenting – is the option consented, or consentable in the next three years?
  4. Identity – will it lend itself to achieving a special and unique identity for the
  5. Community living – will it provide for open spaces and safe and equitable access for all?
  6. Future proof – is there the ability for future expansion as the area becomes more populated?
  7. Connected – does it create transport solutions?

The project team reviewed five options using these criteria.  The two proposals that met the most criteria are Rototuna A (Option 4) and Rototuna B (Option 5).

The following table summarises each option's ranking against the criteria.  ​

Rototuna Community Village Options Assessment​

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