Ruakura Reservoir and Bulk Watermain

​​Construction on a new 12 ML water reservoir has started which will supply fresh drinking water to the Ruakura and Peachgrove areas.

The $11.4M contract to build the reservoir was awarded to Hamilton based civil construction company Spartan Construction, with major work commencing earlier this month (April 2019). The new reservoir will provide additional water storage, pumping capacity and resilience to the city's eastern water network.

As a Council, we're making sure we can provide essential water services for Hamiltonians now and in the future, the new reservoir will be the tenth in our network and will provide for the quality, capacity and security of Hamilton's drinking water and will help us keep pace with growth in the Ruakura area.

A reliable and safe water supply is vital for people and business, especially with what will soon be springing up in this area, including the Ruakura Inland Port and logistics hub, and as a Council we need to provide the critical infrastructure to support this.

This work is part of the larger $22M Ruakura Water Supply Project that also includes installation of bulk watermains (large pipes).

The new reservoir is anticipated to be operational by June 2020.

Other key projects happening in the Ruakura area include:

  • Ruakura Rd upgrade
  • Ruakura waste water interceptor
  • Ruakura bulk watermain

What is a reservoir?

A reservoir is a storage device for treated water. Our water treatment plant treats the water, it is then pumped to a reservoir, stored and then distributed out to houses providing fresh drinking water for Hamiltonians.

What are bulk water mains?

They carry water in bulk to and from a reservoir, and then connect to smaller pipes which connect the network to individual homes. They're what allow the city to be supplied with its safe, treated, 'Aa' graded and clean drinkable water.

Page reviewed: 11 Apr 2019 5:20pm