Next steps for Eastern Pathways/Te Ara o te Rawhiti

Thank you, Hamiltonians for providing your valuable feedback during our community consultation (which was carried out between Tuesday 2 February to Thursday 4 March 2021). Your comments will help shape and identify the preferred design options for our two main projects under the Eastern Pathways programme of work - School Link and University to City Link (University Link)

What was asked?

We asked you what would encourage you to travel by bike, walking, bus, scooter or e-scooter/e-skate around east Hamilton to schools, the university of Waikato, shops and community facilities and between east Hamilton and the city centre.

After four weeks of engagement, including seven drop-in sesions, three pop-up events across east Hamilton, two stakeholder drop-in sessions, and from our online engagement tool we recieved:

  • An estimated total of 4000 pieces of indivudal comments/feedback (on street and online).
  • A total of 468 individual comments captured on Social Pinpoint
  • A total of 158 feedback forms (completed through and entered into our online engagement tool).

Who commented?

We heard from a diverse range of people from across age groups; ethnic groups; local residents; students; schools; parents; staff and students from the University of Waikato; walkers; cyclists; e-skateboard, scooter and e-scooter users; and those who said they take the bus or would want to take the bus.

We also heard from heavy vehicle organisations; business; Waikato District Health Board (DHB); AA (New Zealand Automobile Association); emergency services (St John (ambulance); Hamilton Fire Station; New Zealand Police; business associations; community and advocacy groups; Iwi; Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency; and Sport Waikato.

Below is a summary of what we head and what you told us across this consultation period.

  • 97% of respondents live in east Hamilton.
  • The majority of respondents - 22% - were under 16 years old.
  • There was strong support for the benefits that Eastern Pathways was seeking to achieve.
  • You all acknowledged the challenges that exist in both the School Link and University Link corridors.
  • The strongest sentiment we heard was that you wanted greater priority and safety for cyclists, walkers, and e-skateboard, scooter and e-scooter users.
  • You told us to make it safer for cyclists and to develop facilities that separate you from traffic and other road users (ideally off the road; rather than on the road).
  • You said that to encourage you to take the bus, you wanted fares to be cheaper and more buses to be available at peak times. You also wantd us to improve travel time by giving buses greater priority at intersections and through dedicated bus lanes.
  • Other thins you told us were - you wanted flat, smooth, clear footpaths for walking, biking, e-skating, scootering and e-scootering.
  • You wanted better biking and walking connections from main corridors to key destinations like shops, education, community facilities and the city centre.
  • You told us more and safer crossings for cyclists and walkers of all ages and abilities was important.
  • You said we needed to also focus on better enforcement and education for all road users (in particular students, drivers and cyclists), so we all respect each other and follow the road rules to keep everyone safe.
  • You told us we need to design our streets to make them feel safer and more appealing for walking, biking were other things we heard.

Next steps

Mid-2021 - investment and package of work confirmation

Your feedback, along with our technical team's assessment on which design option will best achieve the benefits we are seeking for the School Link and University to City Link main projects, will be presented for consideration by our Infrastructure Operations Committee and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. They will also consider which packages of work should be delivered, in order of priority and readiness.

Other works to be included will be new biking and walking connections. Our smaller supporting projects including the Crosby Road Safer Improvement and Biking Connectivity Project are being progressed as planned and these will continue to support the Eastern Pathways' bigger picture benefits for east Hamilton. 

Understanding the bigger picture 

The benefits we want to achieve from this Programme for east Hamilton are:
  • Provide safe, resilient and attractive travel choices to achieve a significant modal shift from private vehicles to walking, cycling and public transport.
  • Provide improved access to social and economic opportunities for the local community.
  • Reduce the number of deaths and serious injury accidents along the Programme's corridors.

Eastern Pathways/Te Ara o te Rawhiti will also help to inform the Hamilton City Council's Long-Term Plan, Biking Connectivity Programme, including our Bike, E-scoot and E-skate Programme and other projects and strategies. 

For additional information see the Eastern Pathways FAQ's page.

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