Ypres Memorial Garden

​​Below is an artist impression of the Ypres Memorial Garden provided by Matthews & Matthews Architects Ltd.The ground ​breaking ceremony for the Ypres Memorial Garden took place on Monday 12 January 2015 in Memorial Park.

The ceremony marked the beginning of construction of the Ypres Memorial Garden in Memorial Park and is planned to open April 2015.

Hamilton and Ypres have a Memorandum of Understanding which was signed by Mayor Julie Hardaker, Councillor Peter Bos, and Burgemeester of Ypres Luc Dehaene in February 2013.​

The garden project has evolved from Hamilton's strong relationship with the city of Ypres, Belgium. The Ypres Memorial Garden concept acknowledges the significance of the location as a memorial site dedicated to the memory of military personnel who have died in overseas conflicts.

The design demonstrates the intention of connecting two parts or places, reflecting the relationship between Hamilton and Ypres. The structure will be a low, partially walled garden within which will be a central space defined by a walkway around a reflecting pool an intersected by a boardwalk. The size will be similar in scale to the base of the existing memorial. A clear pathway will be established in line with this memorial to show the link between the two in the landscape.​

Ypres was a strategic landmark for the British army in the First World War as it blocked the route for the German army to the Belgian and French coast.

​​The Council received a $200,000 grant from the Lottery Grants Board's WW100 fund for the construction of the Ypres Memorial Garden.​​

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