Parades and wreath laying


Dawn parade and service

All service people or their representatives who wish to take part in the dawn parade should assemble in Knox Street no later than 5.30am. The parade marshal will direct the order of the march. The parade will march to the Cenotaph where a brief service will be held. At the conclusion of the service, at around 6.40am, the parade marches back to and ends at Knox Street.

Limited seating for participants who require it will be available at the dawn parade service, which begins at 6am.

Dress : Civilian clothes and medals

Civic parade and service

Those who wish to take part in the civic parade should assemble in Knox Street no later than 9.30am.  The parade marshal will direct the order of the march. The parade will march to the Cenotaph where the commemoration service is held. The service will commence at 10am regardless of weather conditions.

If you are participating in a parade or wreath laying, please complete the form below.​​​

Do you wish to lay a wreath?
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Do you require a park?
Limited parking is available for Veterans and Service groups only. Parking is available for all others either on street (except Memorial Drive and Opoia Road which are closed), Sonninghill Carpark or Knox Street Carpark.
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