Some things to remember on the day


Help make our ANZAC Day services the best they can be by:

  • clearing the way for wheelchairs
  • refraining from crossing through the parade as it processes
  • making sure vehicles carrying disabled or service people are able to get through
  • making sure these vehicles are able to easily and safely unload their passengers by giving a clear pathway in front of the doors to the vehicle
  • remaining on the footpath as parade passes to avoid crowding
  • offering your seat to older persons, people with mobility issues, or women who are pregnant. If you are worried about losing your view, there will be two large screens (located on the map) for your to watch and listen to the services from other areas of the park
  • refraining from petting or feeding the horses. 

Family members who have inherited medals can wear these medals on Anzac and/or Remembrance days,  in all cases these are worn on the right side of the chest.​

Page reviewed: 07 Mar 2017 3:53pm