Safety at an event

As the event organiser you have a duty of care to ensure that, so far as it is reasonably practicable, any person (volunteers, contractors and the public) at the event is safe from injury and risks to health. 
A good way to meet your legal and moral safety obligations is to have an Event Risk Plan.
The objective of this plan is to identify
  • How you will provide a safe environment for event staff, public and property
  • Any ‘risks’ or things that could go wrong at your event 
  • What are you going to do to prevent or manage the risks from occurring? 
  • How will we maximise the opportunities?
Depending on the size and location of your event, you may be required to have relevant insurance to protect people and property.


Public safety is of paramount importance to the Hamilton City. In supporting a diversity of events we expect event organisers to always maintain patron safety.  The nature of your event and anticipated crowd numbers will determine the level of security you require.
Responsibilities are likely to include crowd management, asset protection, managing lost children and handling confiscated items.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is an insurance policy held by the event organiser. It provides the event organiser with some protection should its operations or activities injure a member of the public or causes damage to property in some way.
Without such a policy the organiser would be personally liable.
Public liability is also important when the organiser has indemnified the council and a third party makes a claim against council.

Consultation with stakeholders and agencies

Contact all relevant agencies and include them in the early stages. This helps agencies plan for the event and liaise with you on requirements to keep an event safe. 
  • Police 
  • Fire service
  • First aid and ambulance
  • Local bus company 
  • Local taxi company 
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