Central City Safety Strategy

​Hamilton Central City Safety Strategy

Safety in the central city is consistently identified as a high priority for the people of Hamilton. The first Central City Safety Plan was adopted by the Council in September 2014. It was developed alongside the Central City Transformation Plan and together, both plans aimed to understand and improve safety. A key part of this was improving how people feel about visiting central Hamilton and providing an attractive, vibrant city centre.
The 2014 Plan focused on improving spaces within the central city managed by Council. It aimed to balance enforcement for inappropriate behaviours with support for vulnerable people.
The 2018-2021 plan will continue to build on the successes of earlier plans.
Why have a new plan?

  • To demonstrate Council’s ongoing commitment to revitalising Hamilton’s central city.

What is our vision?

  • Hamilton’s central city is an attractive d​estination where people always feel safe.

How will we achieve it?

  1. We all work together to improve safety: the Council, partner organisations and the community.
  2. The central city is designed to be a vibrant, welcoming and safe space.
  3. The Council policies and bylaws enable community safety in the central city.​

 Download a PDF version of the Hamilton Central City Safety Strategy​​  (PDF,  193KB)

Central City  Safety Plan scorecard

View an update of the actions and success of the Central City Safety Plan in the annual scorecard. 
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