Central City and Suburban Projects

​Crime Prevention Toolbox

In 2012 City Safe received funding from the Ministry of Justice to produce a Crime Prevention Toolbox to be delivered to Central City Businesses and surrounding suburbs. The Toolbox is designed to be simple to read information for retailers to access and give them the tools to recognise and report anti social and criminal activity. The Toolbox was hand delivered to 600 retailers and individual instruction was given on how to use it. The main message of the Toolbox is 'Crime.....don't Support it....Report it'

Security Audits

City Safe Operation's latest initiative involves a City Safe Operations Liaison Officer and the Police visiting Central City Businesses that have recently been burgled. A Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) mini audit is undertaken and advice is given on reducing the risk of a further burglary. A follow up visit is made a month later to ascertain if the previous advice has been useful and if there is any further information that could provide further protection to the business.

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