City Welfare

Transport Centre

The Transport Centre is the main transportation hub for Hamilton and also provides a focal meeting place for a number of people. We are proud to provide a visual presence at the Centre. Traditionally Transport Centres can be seen as an area where criminal or anti social activity can escalate quickly, due to the high number and variety of people using the area. City Safe Operations has worked very hard to ensure that the  Transport Centre is a place where you can access your bus, or meet up with friends in safety. With the knowledge that there are 18 CCTV cameras operating both internally and externally at the Transport Centre, any potentially negative activity is dealt with quickly and efficiently. The Transport Centre is an area of high activity and City Safe Patrols have endeavoured to engender an atmosphere of vibrancy and fun with planned musical groups and activities happening throughout the year.


Hamilton Liquor Ban

While in the Central City be aware this is a Liquor Ban area. It is a criminal offence to drink or carry an open bottle of alcohol outside designated bars and restaurants. If you are seen by a City Safe Patrol you will be approached and advised that you are in a liquor ban area and asked to tip out the alcohol. Once you have tipped out the alcohol and placed the bottle in a rubbish bin no further action will ensue. If you refuse to follow the directions of the Patrol the matter will be escalated to the Police and can attract an instant fine of $250 or arrest.

Download the Hamilton Liquor Ban Map (PDF, 169KB)


Car Parking in the CBD

We want your car to be safe whilst you enjoy the special atmosphere that Hamilton Central City has to offer. Although Hamilton offers a number of car parking areas that are covered by CCTV Cameras we are not able to guarantee the safety of your vehicle. The car parks covered by CCTV camera are Museum, Riverbank and the Hamilton City Council Underground Carpark.

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