Frequently Asked Questions

I had a car accident – how do I get access to the CCTV footage?

  • You are unable to access the CCTV footage personally
  • You should report the incident to the Police, they can then access the footage as part of their investigation.
  • If a Lawyer is involved with your case, they may request footage on your behalf 
  • Please refer to Privacy Commissioner's Guidelines – Privacy and CCTV (2009)
  • Hamilton City Council policy - Surveillance Cameras – 10 March 2008

My son/daughter was arrested in town on Friday night, I want footage of the Police arrest.

  • You are unable to access the CCTV footage personally
  • If a Lawyer is involved with your case, they may request footage on your behalf
  • Alternatively, Police will disclose the footage if the person was charged with a criminal offence

How do I know that recorded footage is secure and not being shared?

  • The CCTV cameras are in a secure premise using digital access codes
  • All staff are required to sign a confidentiality clause
  • Recorded footage is stored for a maximum of 28 days and then wiped

If I am looking for someone can CCTV Cameras help?

  • If requested by the Police CCTV cameras can look for a missing person

How do I get access to the CCTV footage?

  • If you require specific footage the Police or your Lawyer can request this
  • We cannot release footage directly to you as there may be other people/incidents shown in the footage
  • Showing you this footage would be a breach of the Privacy act - Privacy and CCTV
  • (2009)

Who has access to the CCTV cameras?

  • Camera operators
  • City Safe Operations Manager and City Safe Liaison Officer
  • Police that may request footage to support their investigation

What area do the cameras cover in Hamilton?

  • The cameras cover the Central Business Area in Hamilton
  • We have cameras that cover Claudelands Events Centre, Hamilton Public Library and the Hamilton Central Underground Car park

I want to make a complaint about a City Safe Patrol – What do I do?

  • Speak/phone - 07 8386699 - or write to the Hamilton City Council
  • Details of your complaint will be taken and recorded
  • Your complaint will be taken seriously
  • You will be contacted with the outcome of the Managers investigation.

I need to get some youths removed from outside my shop, can you send someone now?

  • We will clarify with you if you have approached the youths and asked them to move along prior to ringing us
  • If you have done this and they have not complied or have become aggressive we will ask you to ring the Police on 111
  • If we have a Camera Operator on duty we will endeavour to get footage of the incident which can then be supplied to the Police on request
  • If we have City Safe Ambassadors in the area we will ask them to visit the area and speak with the youths and then follow up with you

Someone is causing concern outside my shop, can City Safe get rid of them they are stopping my customers coming into the shop?

  • We will encourage you to go out of your shop and ask the person to stop begging as in most cases they will walk away when asked to do so
  • If they become abusive or aggressive we will suggest that you phone the Police on 111
  • If we have City Safe Ambassadors in the area we will ask them to visit the area and speak with you.

What can I do when I see someone smoking drugs outside my shop?

  • The smoking of illegal substances is an offence. Phone the Police on 111 immediately and give a description of the offender(s).

Why can't I smoke at the Transport Centre?

  • We have a no smoking policy at the Transport Centre
  • We do encourage people to smoke outside the perimeter of the Centre to provide a good example and healthy environment

What do I do with lost property that I found at the Transport Centre?

  • Lost property found on the buses is to be handed in to the BUSIT counter at the Transport Centre
  • Alternatively, you can hand property in at the nearest Police Station

I left my bag on the bus this morning, how do I get it back?

  • Lost property is handed in by the Driver to the BUSIT Counter at the Transport Centre
  • If lost property is handed into the City Safe staff it is delivered to Hamilton Central Police Station

I am worried about going to my car because I can see some rough people outside my business – can you help me?

  • Our Camera Operators are not able to offer an escort service for you
  • If the Operators are not working on an incident when you phone they may be able to keep observations on you whilst you walk to your car
  • They can offer you advice on the safest route to take to your car

I want to bring my car into Hamilton CBD – Where is a safe place to park it?

  • Hamilton offers several parking buildings throughout the Central City. These are generally covered by the building owners own CCTV cameras. There are two parking areas covered by the City Safe Operations CCTV camera network.  These are the Museum carpark and the River Bank carpark, beside the Hamilton Casino.
  • With 65 CCTV cameras throughout the Central City and City Safe Central City Patrols in the City, the roadside carparks are under good surveillance. This does not guarantee that your vehicle is safe, however it does lower the incidences of criminal activity taking place.

My car keeps being broken into, how can we get cameras to cover this car park?

  • Hamilton City Council Transportation Unit are responsible for security in their car parks – contact them - 07 838 6699
  • They may be able to offer advice on additional security measures
  • They can advise you on City car parks that have CCTV cameras installed

How do I get Patrols in my area?

  • City Safe are unable to offer City Safe Patrols to the suburbs on a full-time basis
  • City Safe Patrol the suburbs on a weekly basis and if they are in your area or close by when you call, we will get them to visit you and discuss your issues
  • If there are incidents that appear to be escalating in your area, please contact the Police

I have graffiti on my building.  How do I get someone to get rid of it?

Someone etched on my business windows last night – I am pretty sure I know who. Can I get the camera footage?​

  • We are unable to provide CCTV footage to individuals due to privacy constraints, however once an incident has been reported to the Police, we can provide footage, if available, to the Police.
  • You can also call Tag busters on 0800 824 287 and they will give you information on removing the window etching.
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