Safety in the Central City

City Safe Ambassadors

The City Safe Ambassador programme started five years ago. A two person team travels out to the suburbs where they engage with the retailers and public. The 'High Viz' uniforms that the Ambassadors wear have proven to be a good deterrent to anti social and criminal activity. Evaluation reports collected from retailers confirm the effectiveness of the Ambassadors. Retailers have welcomed the weekly visits from the Ambassadors.

Central City Patrols

The Central City patrols are highly respected by the business community as they act as a visual deterrent to anti social and criminal activity and as support for the Police and the CCTV network. They provide information about Hamilton City, give directions, advice of suitable parking and ensure safety in the inner city areas. The Patrols defuse situations that otherwise may have escalated and are seen as a good support network. Assistance from the City Safe Central City Patrols is available by phoning the City Safe hotline on 0800 723 32489 If a crime is being committed or anyone is in danger phone the Police 111.

Central City Patrol Hours vary between:

Monday – Wednesday 8 – 10pm
Thursday – Friday 8 – 4am
Saturday – Noon – 5am

CCTV Network – helping ​keep you safe

The extensive camera network situated throughout the Central City area has been instrumental in lowering the incidences of criminal activity. Camera evidence can be downloaded and given to Police. This evidence has helped Police in a number of high profile incidences. Due to privacy regulations, CCTV camera footage is unable to be shared with the general Public. All requests for footage must come through the Police.

The CCTV network records data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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