City Safe Operations

The City Safe Operations Team work together to ensure that Hamilton is a safe and vibrant City.

The Team are recognisable by their highly visual uniforms which provide a natural deterrent to anti-social and criminal activity. 

City Safe Operations is made up of several teams. These are:

    • City Safe Officers - Officers patrol the Central City during the daytime as well as Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. They are recognisable by their highly visual uniforms and are there to deal with any nuisance or antisocial behaviour. The team also works with youth and other members of the public who use the Transport Centre, to ensure that anyone travelling by bus and using the Transport Centre feels safe.
    • Suburban Response Team - We have recently expanded our team to provide a suburban response team dedicated to providing the same service as City Safe Officers in Hamilton's suburbs, including Dinsdale, Hillcrest, and Hamilton East. 
    • Camera Operators - Our Camera Operators team monitor Hamilton City Council's extensive camera coverage in the Central Business District 24/7, working with Safety Officers and police if an incident occurs.

How Does City Safe Operations contribute to safety in our City?

  • Hamilton City Council Safety Officers:
    • ​encourage positive compliance using a graduated response model
    • are fully warranted to enforce the city bylaws
    • provide Safety Officer patrols within the Central City
  • City Safe Ambassadors working with suburban businesses
  • CCTV Network – The Hamilton City Council has extensive camera coverage in the Central Business District, with staff monitoring the cameras and working with Safety Officers and police as required.  Due to privacy regulations CCTV camera footage is only provided to police.
  • Graffiti removal

City Safe Operations Liaison Officer

  • Crime Prevention Toolbox
  • Data analysis and patrol taskings
  • Crime reduction initiatives
  • Graffiti mural programme

Regulatory and Compliance Officer

  • Enforces and assists in various bylaw compliance issues
  •  Investigates complaints

Graffiti Removal

  • Speedy removal of public facing graffiti by the Tagbusters team
  • Liaison with community projects involving graffiti removal

City Safe Operations is looking after your safety

  • Patrolling Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in the Central City
  • Patrolling Central City during the daytime
  • Patrolling the Transport Centre
  • Enforcing the Hamilton Liquor Ban​
  • Litter Act - Hamilton City Council safety officers, although warranted to issue an infringement notice, will follow the graduated response model, should the offence be escalated.
  • Safety in Public Places Bylaw - Hamilton City Council safety officers are warranted for breaches of the Safety in Public Places Bylaw. They are tasked with ensuring that the public are aware and compliant with this Bylaw.
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