Climate Change


Hamilton City Council needs to be prepared to manage the likely impact climate change will have on our city and take steps to reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions. In 2019, we committed to developing a comprehensive and city-wide response to climate change, in partnership with Waikato-Tainui, Waikato Regional Council, and other key organisations.

Environment principles

Hamilton City Council has adopted six environment principles in line with our environmental wellbeing indicator:

We love and protect our environment
E aroha ana, e manaaki ana hoki maatou i too taatou taiao

The environment principles are:

    1. Restoring and protecting the health and wellbeing of our waterways
    2. Protecting and enhancing our natural taonga, whenua and biodiversity
    3. Embracing the sustainable use of resources
    4. Promoting a circular economy
    5. Transitioning to a low carbon future
    6. Build our resilience to climate change

Climate Change Action Plan

Each year, Hamilton City Council will produce a Climate Change Action Plan which sets the actions that we will deliver for that year. You can find the 2021/22 Climate Change Action Plan here.

Our first Climate Change Action Plan was for 2020/21 and is available hereand you can see what we achieved here.

Climate Change Strategy and Climate Change and Environment Policy

We are currently developing a Climate Change Strategy and Climate Change and Environment Policy, which will ensure climate change is embedded in all decisions made across Hamilton City Council. Further information will be provided as they are developed.

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