Hannah Jensen

Hannah Jensen is already achieving on an international level, and sharing this experience with others.

​The 17-year-old has represented New Zealand in both inline and ice hockey, and recently returned from Scotland, where she competed in the Ice hockey World Championships with the Ice Fernz (New Zealand Women's Ice Hockey Team). Jensen has found the experiences of playing in national teams to be exciting.
"I've played inline hockey at the highest level there is for women, against the best teams in the world such as USA and Canada. This year was my first year representing New Zealand for ice hockey. With hockey I've been given the opportunity to travel all across the world including America, France, Czech Republic and Scotland and meet lots of new people. I know that I'm incredibly well travelled for my age so I am very grateful for the opportunity."
Jensen is currently head girl at Hamilton's Fraser High School – encompassing a number of commitments - but she is honoured to have had the role in her final year at Fraser High.
"Being Head Girl at Hamilton's Fraser High School has been an amazing experience! I help organise and run school events, speak at assemblies and evenings held at the school, represent the school at community events, and help to lead the student council and much more."
Jensen has also given up a lot of time to act in a voluntary capacity at the Hamilton Inline Hockey Club. She has found coaching younger players a very rewarding experience,  has also volunteered in a variety of other jobs at the club and understands the value of giving back to ensure the club can continue into the future.
"Volunteering also allows me to not only develop my hockey skills and social skills, but also my mental/strategic thinking. I really enjoy volunteering and it is helping me to determine what I want to do in the future." 
Jensen hopes other young Hamiltonians will chase their dreams of success and that her experiences can help motivate them. She says anyone can be successful if they are willing to push themselves.
"I would say that it's important to challenge yourself and put yourself out there. You never know what you are capable of until you give it a go."​
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