Jai Davies-Campbell

Jai Davies-Campbell is achieving great things on the international triathlon stage. 

The 24-year-old has won selection for New Zealand at four World ITU Triathlon Championships in his age group level, following a series of impressive team and individual results, and will compete in this month's ITU Age Group Championships in Chicago. 

Davies-Campbell fits his training around his job as a geotechnical engineer for Mark T Mitchell Ltd, meaning a lot of his free time is dedicated to training. 

"A normal training week for me consists of between 15-20 hours," he says. 

He also had some unexpected setbacks. He's had to overcome injury to be race-fit for Chicago, and was hospitalised with meningitis just weeks before his London ITU event in 2013. He lost 8kg and a large degree of his fitness, and had to train particularly hard on his recovery to ensure he was competitive. 

"In a way, it was a blessing in disguise. My mental game, as a result, is stronger than ever."

Davies-Campbell is a proud Hamiltonian and enjoys living, working and training in the city. He sees it as a great place to be based, and is passionate about being a part of the city’s future. 

"I believe Hamilton is one of the most underrated and underestimated cities in New Zealand. It has a lot going for it," he says. "Running beside the Waikato River is one of my favourite pastimes."

He hopes to inspire other young people, and says success can be achieved with the right mindset. 

"Never doubt yourself and never ever listen to the negatives people say. Always follow your dreams and never ever give up on them. Dare to be bold, always remain humble and don't forget your roots."

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