Jess Molina

Jess Molina is balancing a number of interests and responsibilities, but she takes it all in her stride.

The 23-year-old is the Managing Editor of Blacklisted Magazine, an art, culture and fashion publication based in Hamilton but with a global audience – and an international feature in each issue. 

She is also a blogger, and a member of the ‘Hamilton Mafia’ on Twitter – purveyors of the #lovethetron hashtag which is used to celebrate Hamilton events, people and the city’s environment and culture. 

Molina is also the co-ordinator of the regular Pecha Kucha events in Hamilton. These events are run all over the world and are a chance for people to gather informally and share thoughts, ideas and art. Jess has been the driving force behind Hamilton’s Pecha Kucha for the past year and a half, with the next one taking place on 12 August as part of Wintec’s Spark Festival, where successful artists, musicians, journalists, broadcasters, designers and filmmakers share their insights and experiences.

“I balance my jobs, run a blog, and try to have a social life on top of it, too,” she says. Most especially I worked hard to get to this point coming from a migrant family. 

“Being a magazine editor, festival coordinator, and full-time employee at Wintec means that I am part of a new generation that represents the millenials perfectly.” 

Molina was born in the Philippines and moved here when she was 18. She is proud of her Filipino heritage, and also proud to be a Hamiltonian. She likes the diversity of Hamilton’s population, particularly its young people. 

Molina hopes her success serves as an inspiration to other young people, and encourages them to be willing to work hard and take risks to achieve their goals. 

“I represent the young creative living in Hamilton - hungry for a thriving city, always on the go, and finding opportunity to improve not only themselves but the world around them.” At the end of the day, I’m just an ordinary citizen finding her place in the world, working on stuff I’m passionate about, and hopefully inspiring others in the process,” she says.

Page reviewed: 17 Aug 2015 3:13pm