Kimberley Kilgour

For law student Kimberley Kilgour, life is always busy. 

Currently in the final year of a conjoint Law and Social Sciences degree at Waikato University, Kimberly hopes to specialise in human rights and public interest law, and pursue a career that will enable her to make a difference in the lives of others.  

"I chose to study law because I wanted to equip and position myself to be able to speak for others who cannot speak for themselves," says the 23-year-old

Kilgour is very active in the community and is a legal education coordinator of Law for Change Waikato, a group of of law students seeking to harness their legal skills to serve and benefit the community. She  aims to empower people by enabling them to understand their legal rights. 

Kilgour also contributes to the Hamilton YWCA as a current board member, and has a particular passion for women’s rights issues. This led to her representing YWCA Aotearoa New Zealand at the United Nation’s 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women held in New York earlier this year. 

It was an eye-opening experience for her. 

"New Zealand is looked up to on an international scale as doing well for women, but we cannot let our successes blind us. We must continue to progress in order to set an ever escalating bar for our Pacific neighbours to follow, and we must make sure we engage all people in this process. Women's rights are not a women's problem and gender equality is possible if we all work in unity to attain it."

She has achieved this  while raising her young son Dodj. As a young parent, Kilgour experienced challenges, but has always looked to be a positive role model for her son. She says she was lucky to have great support from her mother Kim and Link City Church, and encourages other young parents to set high goals.

"Forget what society dictates your future to look like; you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Knowing that Dodj is proud of me and looks up to me is all the motivation I need to persevere."

Kilgour’s passion and energy have motivated those around her, and her positive attitude and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others ensures she is an inspiration to many people around her.
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